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As summer wanes, the days become blisteringly hot, and my patience with my already bored kids begins to unwind, I begin to look forward to cooler days, the color of autumn leaves, the aroma of pumpkin spice and the shiny new school supplies that represent the fall.

A new school year, a fresh start and usually a review of the basics to prepare for the new work ahead.


A strong foundation is essential to building anything, whether it’s a home, a new concept in math, or the one-arm snake and twist on the Reformer. 

In the spirit of the new school year, we’re going back to basics with a series of three workshops;

Pre-Pilates, Classical Pilates Foundations, & Extensions


Does this sound like you?

  • You feel stalled on some of the advanced or super-advanced exercises.
  • You’re struggling to construct a lesson for a new student?
  • You’re looking for a deeper understanding of the Pilates system so that you can get even better results for your clients
  • You have older students, or focus on injuries and are stumped on how to get them safely up to the basic level.

Imagine how good it would feel to have all your questions answered, be able to put a concise lesson together on the fly, or finally breakthrough the blocks in your own practice.

You’re a brilliant teacher and you’re on a mission to help your students improve their health and their lives.  Whether you’re a new teacher starting out or a seasoned veteran with a decade or more of teaching experience, going back to basics will give you a fresh perspective on the Pilates system, a great review of the fundamentals and a few new tools to take back to your students.

“A sound mind housed in an unsound body is just about as desirable a physical condition as is the structural weakness of a house boasting a fine copper roof built upon a foundation of shifting sand.” Joe Pilates


The Workshops


In Pre- Pilates you will learn:

  • Pre-Pilates exercises that build strength, stability, and awareness
  • Exercises to build connection in the back and lower body
  • Who needs pre-Pilates and when to move beyond it into the fundamentals
  • And, how to breakdown the fundamental exercises to make them more accessible to students just starting out.

Classical Pilates Foundations

In Classical Pilates Foundations you will:

  • Review the fundamental exercises on all apparatus
  • Explore the connections among the exercises
  • Look at possible progressions within the foundational system
  • Analyze the Reformer and Mat orders
  • And discuss possible progressions from the fundamentals into the more challenging intermediate exercises


In Extensions you will: 

  • Examine the mechanics of proper extension
  • Review the essential extension exercises across all apparatus
  • Look at how to progress a client safely into and through extension
  • Problem solve real client issues and concern

The Details

Pre- Pilates – Thursdays, September 12 & 26 2019 (3 PMA CEC’s Pending)

$250 U.S.D.

Section 1: 7:00 am  – 8:30 am

Pre- Pilates – Thursdays, September 12 & 26 2019 (3 PMA CEC’s Pending)

$250 U.S.D.

Section 2: 4pm  – 5:30 pm Pacific

Classical Pilates Foundations – Thursdays, October 10, October 17 and October 31 (6 PMA CEC’s Pending)

$500 U.S.D.

Section 1: 7am – 9 am Pacific

Classical Pilates Foundations- Thursdays, October 10, October 17 and October 31 (6 PMA CEC’s Pending)

$500 U.S.D.

Section 1: 4pm  – 6:00 pm Pacific

Extensions –  Thursdays, December 5 & December 12 (3 PMA CEC’s Pending)

$250 U.S.D.

Section 1: 7am – 8:30 am Pacific

Extensions –  Thursdays, December 5 & December 12 (3 PMA CEC’s Pending)

$250 U.S.D.

Section 2: 4pm  – 5:30 pm Pacific

*** If you’re time zone challenged like I am, check out world time buddy – it’s been a lifesaver. 

When you put all the pieces together you’ll take the confusion and overwhelm out of teaching.  Your lessons will become more joyful, your practice will soar and you’ll be able to make a bigger difference in the lives of your students and your own.  Everybody Wins! 

Workshops are offered as live-streamed online courses, (but if you want to visit me in person, we can certainly arrange that) and I’ve limited class size to twelve students so you’ll get the individual attention you deserve and each meeting is ninety minutes so you can fit the workshop into your busy schedule.

Each workshop is recorded and you’ll receive a copy of the video to keep AND all four workshops are pending approval for PMA CEC credit.

Still Have Questions?  Let’s Chat!

Who is Karen Frischmann?

An insightful, intuitive Pilates teacher who believes that you can follow your passion to teach Pilates and make it a successful, rewarding career.

My students are smart, dedicated Pilates teachers who are ready for more. They’re called to teach life-changing lessons, committed to making this their career and determined to have a life they love. 

Me? I’m a classically trained Pilates teacher with over 25 years of experience, studying, researching, and teaching Pilates to teachers like you. I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to study with some of the best teachers in classical Pilates and I’m excited about the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the years.

I take your natural talents and big Pilates dreams and apply my experience and research and a touch of magic to help you hone your skills, find your unique voice as a teacher, and give you the confidence to take your teaching to the next level. 

You were born to do this work. With a little guidance, support and a great plan, anything is possible. 

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