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Cadillac Lesson
Are the demands of running your business and teaching full-time getting in the way of your personal workouts?


Do you need one-on-one sessions so you can continue to advance your own work?


Are you looking for a workout with deep technical corrections and the higher-level learning of a workshop?

My Private Technique Sessions are geared to the needs and demands of busy Pilates teachers.  More than a private lesson, each session will give you the intense workout you crave under the expert direction of an experienced classical teacher, plus in-depth analysis that will help refine your teaching skills and deepen your understanding of the classical Pilates method.

These sessions, which go far beyond a traditional private lesson, are specifically designed to augment your personal practice.

In every session you’ll receive:

  • A 50  or 80-minute concept-driven workout
  • Homework on other apparatus to assist you in understanding the concepts covered in your session
  • A video of your session to download for reference

Private Technique Sessions are offered internationally over and in-person in my private West Los Angeles studio.

50-Minute Session $150 USD6
80-Minute Session $235 USD

“Karen’s knowledge of Pilates is broad and deep, based on years of practice, reflection, and instruction from master teachers like Jay Grimes and Romana Kryzanowska. She has a keen eye and perceives the smallest detail of how my body experiences a particular exercise. She then shapes my sessions according to exactly what is needed. She inspires me to discover connection within myself — mind to body, and body to itself — and also to make connections between the exercises. She is skilled at unwinding complexity and then building sequences that facilitate understanding and progress. Her creativity and curiosity seem boundless. I have many “aha” moments as Karen relates aspects of Pilates to my interests in playing music, running, and cycling. I am grateful for her patience, good humor, kindness, and skill in guiding me to discovery after discovery.”

David Child

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