Weekday Workshops – Working the System

Classical Pilates Progressions

1 Exercise – 5oo Variations


“Pilates is one exercise with five hundred variations. And do you know what that exercise is?” 

I stared at him blankly.  After years of teaching — it was something I feel I should have known. And I didn’t.

“The double leg-pull. It has everything – the breath, the strong center, and the two-way stretch. –

and you can find it in every exercise.”

Mic freakin’ drop. 

And with a determined curiosity, I went back to the studio. 

I did every exercise on all the apparatus.  It took me three hours and I couldn’t move the next day. 

The man was right and my mind was blown.

That man was Jay Grimes. And it was my first lesson with him over 20 years ago. That one question – that one lesson –  fundamentally changed my understanding of Pilates and the course of my entire career. 

It’s when I finally started to understand that Pilates was more than a series of exercises.

I learned how everything was connected.

The Reformer and mat orders finally made sense.

I could easily put together a great session on the fly because I understood the purpose of each and every exercises.


credit: Studio B Pilates, Denmark

After teaching thousands of students over the last 20 years, deepening my understanding of the classical Pilates system, and perfecting my technique, I want to help you get it too.

The Classical Pilates Progressions Series
will take you from the fundamentals through the advanced exercises, with a pro to guide you each and every step of the way.

We’ll take a deep dive into the logic of the classical mat and Reformer orders.  Analyze how to progress a client from the fundamentals into the intermediate and advanced progressive exercises.  Review the anatomy of the movements and the logic of putting together a session. We’ll look at all the exercises in the progression and discuss how to put together a rock-solid program for each and every student.

In each module you’ll receive:
  • 18+ hours of online instruction
  • 6 2-hour live seminars to review the lessons, dive deeper into the exercises and problem solve tricky applications
  • A full video library of the exercises in the module for review
  • A private forum for continued learning, support, and connection with your classmates.


This course series is for you if: 
  • You’ve learned the exercises, memorized the orders, but you’re still unsure about how to put the pieces together.  Progressing students is a bit of a mystery and the formulas and scripts you received in your training program aren’t working anymore.
  • You want to take the next step towards understanding the Pilates system, the concept and the philosophy that underlie the exercises so you can give your students the best, personalized program possible.
  • You’re looking for the logic behind the method to help you create more effective programs for your students.
  • You’re a certified instructor interested in bridging into classical Pilates because you want to go back to the roots of the method you’ve come to love.

I know how much my work changed once I had the keys to the system behind Pilates. I’ve been where you are and can help you to get where you want to be in your work.

I’m confident that as a result of this program you’ll:
  • Feel more confident in the exercises you choose for your students.
  • Understand the why behind the exercises.
  • Move further into your personal path to mastery.


2020 Course Dates

Classical Pilates Foundations

In Classical Pilates Foundations you will:

  • Review the fundamental exercises on all apparatus
  • Explore the connections among the exercises
  • Look at possible progressions within the foundational system
  • Analyze the Reformer and Mat orders
  • Discuss Your Health
  • Review the essential anatomy and movement progressions in the Foundational System.
  • And discuss possible progressions from the fundamentals into the more challenging intermediate exercises 


Classical Progressions 1

In Classical Progressions 1 you will :

  • Review the exercises in the first level of progressions on all apparatus
  • Analyze the intermediate Reformer and mat orders
  • Look at progressive paths from the foundational system to more advanced exercises.
  • Review essential anatomy and movement patterns
  • Explore common injury patterns
  • Review spotting and safety techniques.
  • Apply what you’ve learned to your clients.

July 10 – September 25 , 2020


Classical Progressions 2

In Classical Progressions 2 you will: 

  • Review the exercises leading to the advanced work on all apparatus.
  • Review the essential extension exercises across all apparatus
  • Analyze and review the Classical Reformer and Mat orders.
  • Develop progressive case studies for actual clients
  • Explore when and how to progress clients from the intermediate progressions into the advanced work.

October 9, 2020 – January 8, 2021


The Advanced Progressions

In Advanced Progressions you will :

  • Review the exercises in the the advanced system
  • Analyzed the full, classical Reformer and mat orders
  • Explore the progressions needed to perform the advanced and super advanced work.
  • Discuss common injury patterns
  • Review spotting and safety techniques

January 22 – April 2, 2021


.All Classes Meet on Fridays 9:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific time.

Spots are extremely limited! 

Please email me at info@karenfrischmann.com or click the button below to schedule a chat.

*** If you’re time zone challenged like I am, check out world time buddy – it’s been a lifesaver. 

“A sound mind housed in an unsound body is just about as desirable a physical condition as is the structural weakness of a house boasting a fine copper roof built upon a foundation of shifting sand.” Joe Pilates

When you put all the pieces together you’ll take the confusion and overwhelm out of teaching.  Your lessons will become more joyful, your practice will soar and you’ll be able to make a bigger difference in the lives of your students and your own.  Everybody Wins! 

Workshops are offered as live-streamed online courses, (but if you want to visit me in person, we can certainly arrange that) and I’ve limited class size to fifteen students so you’ll get the individual attention you deserve. 

Each workshop is recorded and you’ll receive a copy of the video to keep AND all four workshops are pending approval for PMA CEC credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in Los Angeles for the live sessions?

Nope. All live sessions will be hosted over Zoom.us and recorded. You can join from the comfort of your home or studio. That being said, I love having company in the studio, so if you’re in town, let me know.

Will we be meeting every week?

No, we’ll be meeting every other week to review the online lessons and homework.  This course comes with a private online community, where you can post questions, videos and form study groups.  I’ll be in for an hour every week to offer live support and answer questions.

What happens if I miss a live session?

All the sessions are recorded and will be posted on the community site for you to download or review. You can watch them at any time and review the sessions at your convenience.  

Is there homework?

Yes, in order to get the most out of the experience, you’ll need to commit to a personal practice schedule.  There will be a few written assignments as well.

How much time do I need for this course?

The video content varies from week to week, but plan on a minimum of 3 to 5 hours a week to get the most out of the course.

Still Have Questions?  Let’s Chat!

Who is Karen Frischmann?

An insightful, intuitive Pilates teacher who believes that you can follow your passion to teach Pilates and make it a successful, rewarding career.

My students are smart, dedicated Pilates teachers who are ready for more. They’re called to teach life-changing lessons, committed to making this their career and determined to have a life they love. 

Me? I’m a classically trained Pilates teacher with over 25 years of experience, studying, researching, and teaching Pilates to teachers like you. I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to study with some of the best teachers in classical Pilates and I’m excited about the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the years.

I take your natural talents and big Pilates dreams and apply my experience and research and a touch of magic to help you hone your skills, find your unique voice as a teacher, and give you the confidence to take your teaching to the next level. 

You were born to do this work. With a little guidance, support and a great plan, anything is possible. 

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