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Intensive learning in a concentrated format.


  Extended study for a deeper look at the classical Pilates system.


Sweat, hang out with other teachers and learn something new.  

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Education Beyond Certification

I’ve dedicated the last 15 years to developing programs and mentoring Pilates teachers like you, who are committed to taking their teaching to the next level.

Together we’ll fill in the gaps in your teaching, help you develop your unique teaching style, and take a dive deep into the Classical Pilates Repertoire.   We’ll get you ready for your next step whether that’s feeling more confident in your teaching, starting a teacher training program or offering workshops of your own.

2019 Mentorship Program

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Free Guide for Teachers

Did you know the number one deciding factor for a Pilates student choosing a new studio or instructor is the quality of instruction? 

5 Top Tools for Better Teaching will help you streamline your teaching and enhance your communication skills so that your clients will get even more fabulous results.

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