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New Programs

Weekday Workshops

Working the System – Classical Pilates Progressions

Technique driven courses and apparatus reviews. Each course is delivered in two-hour segments online so you can digest the information, learn from your peers and not have to give up a weekend or travel for your education.

The Sculptural Anatomy Series

Learn anatomy in a way you’ll never forget!

In these hands-on workshops, you’ll build the body from the inside out the Anatomy + Movement system. You’ll learn the structure and function of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as the origin, insertion, and action of the major muscles.  We’ll then apply what you learned to common movement patterns and Pilates exercises. 

Private Sessions

It’s a choose your own adventure, as you need it session.

Your program – Your agenda – Your timeline

Offered in 50 or 80-minute formats. These sessions are more than a workout.  Specifically designed for teachers, these information-packed sessions will help you understand how to correct the imbalances in your own body, offer you a roadmap for self-study and the next steps you need to take to advance your own practice and understanding of the work.

What I Do

Education Beyond Certification

I’ve dedicated the last 15 years to developing programs and mentoring Pilates teachers like you, who are committed to taking their teaching to the next level.

Together we’ll fill in the gaps in your teaching, help you develop your unique teaching style, and take a dive deep into the Classical Pilates Repertoire.   We’ll get you ready for your next step whether that’s feeling more confident in your teaching, starting a teacher training program or offering workshops of your own.

“Karen’s knowledge of Pilates is broad and deep, based on years of practice, reflection, and instruction from master teachers like Jay Grimes and Romana Kryzanowska. She has a keen eye and perceives the smallest detail of how my body experiences a particular exercise. She then shapes my sessions according to exactly what is needed. She inspires me to discover connection within myself — mind to body, and body to itself — and also to make connections between the exercises. She is skilled at unwinding complexity and then building sequences that facilitate understanding and progress. Her creativity and curiosity seem boundless. I have many “aha” moments as Karen relates aspects of Pilates to my interests in playing music, running, and cycling. I am grateful for her patience, good humor, kindness, and skill in guiding me to discovery after discovery.”

David Child

"Working alongside Karen has been one of the most rewarding experiences a teacher can have. Her depth of knowledge not only of Classical Pilates, but of what it really takes to be a teacher is prevalent to all. Karen brings you a wealth of knowledge and ability to see beyond your potential in your body and your business. You shouldn’t be asking yourself why you should be working with Karen, but when are we starting!"

Amy Kellow

Co – Founder, Everybody Pilates UK

"Karen Frischmann is possibly the finest Pilates instructor I have ever had. Her knowledge of the Pilates Method and the body is such that you can really tell she has digested the method and made it her own. She offers patient but firm instruction and always helps me learn something new about my body, an exercise or an overarching theme of the Pilates method."

Andrea Maida

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